Forever Cool: A stylist's lessons for 50+

I'm meeting a friend for lunch today to pass on my copy of "Forever Cool: How to Achieve Ageless, Youthful and Modern Personal Style" by style consultant Sherrie Mathieson.

I enjoyed her book far better then the much-touted "How Not to Look Old" by Charla Krupp (later for her) for three reasons:

1. The extensive Never Cool/Forever Cool photos provide a coherent story about the looks; you can actually
see the clothes, accessories and styling

2. The guys get help too; half the book is mens' attire

3. The use of a relatively wide range of age (up to 75) and weight for the real-life models. Lauren Hutton would look good in a prison jumpsuit. These are normal people.

What's she saying?

Mathieson promotes less-is-more neutrals with pops of colour and great accessories- no news flash here. But seeing the pieces with explanations about why they're right for each woman's shape builds your eye for your next shopping trip.

The Never Cool shots are squirmingly accurate, and include the ubiquitous "walking craft show" effect, overwrought applique (which I guess is redundant) and sage-and-rose floral pastels. In fact floral
anything tends toward the Never Cool side of the page.

Ms. M. likes skin-flattering coral tops, vintage Mexican silver necklaces, and lightweight wool-crepe pants.
There's no one Cool; she shows sleek and minimalist, ethnic/arty and sleek business looks- all of them wearable.

Price points are mostly mid-priced to rather expensive, supporting her deeply-held principle of buying quality clothes that

"Forever Cool" operates from the premise that you don't want to fool people into thinking you're 30, let alone Forever 21- just look marvelous.

A dream day for me: morning with Sherrie pruning my closet, afternoon shopping with her. Wait, make that a weekend!


Deja Pseu said…
Duchesse - I'm going to post about this in a few days, but I've actually booked Sherrie for a couple of hours later this month when she's here in LA to do just me prune the closet. She says she has another book coming out soon, featuing mothers and daughters.
Duchesse said…
Looking forward to your looonnng post please on your time with Sherrie and joyfully envious- what a blast. Lucky Pseu!
emma said…
Her best tip was her suggestion that we invest in some Mexican necklaces. When I couldn't find one that was "just right", I bought some vintage Navajo "pearls". They're brilliant! They brighten my outfits and add some interest...
Now I'm into Scandanavian silver bracelets and necklaces...the same idea, simple & stylish...
Duchesse said…
emma: I thought so too. My "Mexican necklace" turned out to be made in France but every time I wear it, I am asked where I found it. Getting rid of costume jewelry that imitates real (fake gold) and too-bitsy pieces is a very good thing.

If you read my most recent post you will see not everyone loves Sherrie as we do, but I find the book has held up.

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