Fun in bed

I am coveting the strangest item: a bedjacket.

The urge first struck when I unthinkingly grabbed an old cashmere cardigan to wear over a too-thin black nightie while reading in bed.

The one of my Mom's friends said, "I just love that
bedjacket your mother gave me!" with ardent appreciation. The notion of a bedjacket slipped into the capacious section of my brain labeled Clothes.

A ballet wrap (top left) will do, and of course doubles as non-bed-wear.

ooooh, this cashmere mini-robe, from French Dressing Lingerie a Boston-based shop, is luscious, and could well make its way to the breakfast table.

I wouldn't wear the quilted silk number from Hammacher Schlemmer (bottom photo) outside the bedroom, but at $60 (reduced from $120) it's a glamorous light layer that would be more appreciated by DH than a flannel LL Bean nightie.


Bed jackets seem of another time and yet why not. Certainly more chic than the Pepperdine Sweatshirt that I use to solve my "too cold" problem. I like the ballet sweater top, as you said, you can use for day wear too.
Toby Wollin said…
I'll bet there are a lot of women out there wearing sweaters to bed - mine is ratty, old, black and angora.

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