What can't you live without?

When I read a recent "10 Things I Can't Live Without" list, I began to play the game.

I could list noble items, like the hundreds of books in my home, but the article was on a "soy latte" level, so I'm keeping
mine there.

Of course each of these items is a luxury, the "live without" really means "They put a twinkle into life!"

1. Yoga class
Nothing feels better for my body, calms, opens channels of emotion and creativity

. Lindt Excellence Chocolate Intense Orange bars

So satisfying that a tiny square sets me up

3. Hair colour

I don't know what's under there, and don't want to

A well-cut black skirt (e
specially matte jersey)
The equivalent of jeans for me.

5. Cashmere sweaters
Cozy and light; life in Canada requires a petite laine layer much of the year

6. Blundstones

I have dressy boots but never wear them

7. Mascara
Without it, cannot see the world and vice-versa

8. Do
wn-filled duvet
Its floaty warmth is the definition of "comfort and joy"

...and I'm done.

I love other
things: perfume, textiles, pearls, Arche shoes, french fries, peonies, a glass of wine- but I could live without or merely cherish their memory.

Magazines publish these lists to fan the consumer flame: if she can't live without it, you should want one too.
This is the raison d'etre of magazines like In Style.

Never understood why the publishers assume that if Reese Witherspoon bought a particular vase, I would care. But apparently it works.

What's on your list?


Hmm, I may consider this post as a meme and write about it myself on my blog. But, I had to write now and say the I LOVE Lindt Excellence Chocolate Intense Orange bars. And, love down comforters. But, you must try the Cover Girl Lash Blast. It is so much better than any Lancome mascara.
Duchesse said…
Consider it a meme/tag thang, Belette!

Bought Lash Blast but didn't have great result. Convinced mascara ages in the package so maybe mine was old... love the orange tube.

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