In the sky, with diamonds

I've always loved A.G.A. Correa's diamond constellation jewelry; I recall seeing the first pieces in The New Yorker many years ago.

Mr. Correa Sr. was inspired one evening looking at a star
ry sky. The diamonds are chosen in perfect proportion to each constellation, and placed in specially-designed setting that minimizes the metal. The Aquarius brooch shown is about $5600; the smaller Ursula Minor is $1500.

'm looking now for pieces I can give one day to a daughter in law or granddaughter (come on, boys!), and a magical image of the starry sky would be my choice.

Timeless, classic yet inventive, these are stars light, stars bright to wish upon.


Anjela's Day said…
I would love someone to buy me any of his line (hint hint)
Instead, a perfect graduation or Christmas gift for my daughter. I had posted elsewhere how we would spend summer nights searching the skies..she would always be the one to spot Cassiopeia- I see on the site a Diamond Constellation Cassiopeia Pin in (14k)
How perfect is that? Not just reaching for the constellations but getting to adorn one's bod.
Great link Kathleen!
Duchesse said…
Cassopeia is one of the smaller pieces, so a relatively affordable treasure... she could even wear it on a beret.

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