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For Lynn: Pairing pearls with jeans

Lynn  commented.
"I'm trying to wear my jewelry more instead of saving it for "good" but not sure how to pair jeans with pearls or antique jade. Suggestions are welcome!"

She doesn't say what pearls she owns; the more casual varieties (baroques, keshis, a pearl 'chain', sticks, coins, mixed varieties) all work with jeans.

If she has round whites, she could wear them as is with a simple shirt, or layer. For ideas, see "Un-prissing your pearls", Part One and Part Two.

Here's six days of me in pearls and black or dark-wash blue jeans, just whatever I was wearing for the day.

All the pearls are from Kojima Company except some in the bottom left necklace, bought at a Chicago jewellery show by a friend.

Large photo: Big CFW baroque flameballs; marinière.  First pearls I bought from Kojima 12 years ago and I was a goner.

Clockwise from top right:
2. Fancy-coloured baroque Tahitians; cotton v-neck
3. Purple, copper and mauve CFW keshi rope; lin…

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