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Travel: An Ontarion contrarian's view

Last spring, I read a comment in the Globe & Mail, in which a woman named Janet said,
"As a senior in good health, there is an expectation that I will travel. But I am content in my home, in my yard, in my neighbourhood, in my city and in my country. I have travelled and as my husband says, 'We were always looking for food when we were hungry and a bed when we were tired.' We are too old for that now and the idea of cruising the Danube with 100 people from Ontario has no appeal."

I enjoyed this rebuttal to the travel ethos promoted by travel sites, airlines, and those Instagram shots of a friend waving from her houseboat in Kashmir.

Le Duc is a tepid traveller, which has come as a surprise to me. Our honeymoon in Paris seemed an obvious romantic choice; little did I know it would be the sole destination that would truly please him for thirty-three years. "You'll visit any country that has Paris in it", his friend Mitch teases.

He has always encourag…

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