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Getting and spending: Shopping spring shoes

I happened upon an interview with the model Amyline Valade, who mentioned that she wore, when not working, a white Van's slip-on, "the only shoe that reflects my spirit". The minimalist in me (fully 80%) purred. So simple, so clean. Now that women can wear the same casual shoes with anything from a swishy dress to shorts, it's never been easier to pare down a shoe collection.  So why don't we ? I offer myself as an example. Before moving to a small condo, I had crates of shoes and the biggest box (you could stow an armchair it) was labelled "Shoes Not Worn Much".  Shoes are art, fetish objects, trophies, confidence-boosters. The right pair can affect your mood; a pair of pert sandals practically dictates "We'e having fun!" All of the Not Worn Much box was donated or given away, but I have never since seen such a pert pair of  flower-printed slingbacks. I'm reluctant to offer my current shoe recommendations, though, because many women

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