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Spend report: 2018 Stars and Dogs

Each January, I flip through a notebook in which I recorded all personal purchases over the past year, and assess the value. Value to me is whether it was worth the investment, but also, if it gave me good wear and felt wholly “me”. I loosely consider cost per wear but not in an obsessive way. Anything unworn over the past year gets a good, hard look.

2018 Stars

I bought less clothing in 2018 than in any of the ten years I've been keeping track. I had other uses for the money, and a sense that I could happily wear what I have.

Here's the best of the little I bought:

1.  Three thrift finds
Thrift has value built in, but it can be easy to overbuy or pick the "best of the bunch" off a lacklustre rack.

These were in new, unworn condition, They are by far the stars of 2018 because I wore them often.

A. Heliotrope mohair sweater, George Hogg. I have always liked this bluey-purple and it's hard to find. The brand is affiliated with Bennetton; there are boutiques in France…

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