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Women in the Passage worry (mildly, but we do) about looking dated. So, we might buy new clothes, but a wiser update might be via colour— if not the hue du jour, one that is a departure from our usual.

In the windows today, styles deliberately tilted toward classic, but in two current, energetic colours.

Pungent mustardy-gold 

The first is a cousin of the yellow family—not the bright safety-vest yellow, or the cheery lemon; this is the deeper gold of burnished brass. It's as if designers had a summit and said, "We have to have a new neutral!", because this one works with chocolate, grey, white, black, navy.

It is more intense than camel, and if camel drains you, try this ambered hue, or a pattern that includes a shot of it.

Clockwise from top left:
1. Boden Elie velvet dress; they call this colour "trumpet".
2. Club Monaco oversized turtleneck in "marigold"
3. J. Crew cashmere mockneck in "golden topaz"
4. Junge down jacket in "mustard&q…

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