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Irony and "Old Lady"

A blogger whom I have long read mused about some luxury clothes and accessories she's long stored but not worn, calling them "old lady/rich lady" pieces: four bags, a pair of shoes, a small leather accessory, and a coat at least forty years old.

She had long intended to work the things into her wardrobe, viewing them as "ironic, or believing that they will convey that (ironic) attitude", and vows to do so now— but suspects that, on the shady side of 60, her style statement may harder to pull off.

I share her reluctance. In a post about attempting irony in attire I said, "I neither understand its stance nor does it summon desire. It's outside my ken; I feel like Dr. Who contemplating a hula hoop."

I considered the "old lady/rich lady" descriptor. When I see signifiers of wealth from twenty, thirty, forty years ago worn today by someone over age 50 or so, I wonder, What is the story here? I mull a few possibilities: Bygone prosperity? Vintage…

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