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Turtlenecks and time

Should women in the Passage wear turtlenecks?  I own quite a few, in various fibres. Time was when all I had to think about was whether one fit—sleeves and torso long enough, and no pulling at the bust.  But now, there are whole new Turtleneck Problems.  The torso requires help from a bra that pushes up a bit, but not so much that it looks like two plush animals are under there. The shoulder: Didn't I used to have straight shoulders? Is it time to bring back shoulder pads? What can be done here, if anything? Moving up, the neck.  The snug tube collar is now like wearing throat-Spanx; the squished skin has to go somewhere, and 'where' is spilling over the top like twine around cookie dough.   The most ease would mean a cowl neck. A character in the film "Private Life" said, about her mother, "She used to have style, then she hit menopause and boom ! It was all tunics with cowl necks." Oof, that's cold! But she has a point, the cowl atop a boxy, long c

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