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Oldest Woman in the Bistro: Back on the terrasse

I 'm spending  as much time as we can at bistros with outdoor seating. In one of our favourites, I am nearly always the oldest person , never mind woman. That's neither here nor there; the only age limit bistros apply is our age 19 requirement for alcohol sales. Visits offer lessons in, as Mom always said, "What they are wearing". Walking past was a slim blonde in this, except her crop top was white: Photo: Across from us, two twenty-something women peered into a laptop; below is a close approximation of their outfits: Left: Pink cotton tee-shirt dress ; H&M Right: Sleeveless tank , mini and black cowboy boots, Aritizia. (She did not wear a shirt.) It was the cowboy boots that caught my attention. On one of the hottest days of the year, she wore black leather boots. I thought, Why would you jam your feet into those? but as they say, it's a look. I show these three outfits not to mourn (well, hardly) that I no longer wear the bare and abbreviated. But

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