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Frugal Frags #2: Fall picks

My perfume goddesses, Gwen and Kay of, are sympathetic (to a point) about my eternal search for a satisfying, if not fabulous, budget fragrance. I can't argue with the you-get-what-you-pay for principle, though I find some designer products egregiously overpriced.

You too might be scouting for a pleasing but not pricey scent, so today's windows hold a new assortment. (See the first Frugal Frags postfor the initial list and readers' contributions.)

As the days shorten and chill, my fragrance mood shifts. A few drops really do act as therapy. Kay's latest list suits all hemispheres. All suggestions below are available as decants at Gwen and Kay's site. I haven't listed full bottle price because of variation among vendors, but none of these are pricey. Maybe for the next fragrance post I'll give them an unlimited budget, which kind of scares me.

Vetiver by Guerlain: "Green, grassy and fresh"Encre Noie by Lalique: &qu…

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