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Vintage women, vintage clothes

Today, a subject close to my heart, addressed by Vanessa Friedman: " Are You Ever Too Old to Wear Vintage ". (If you are paywalled, I'll summarize: it depends.) Ilene wrote to ask The New York Times' esteemed fashion writer whether she ought to wear a vintage dress exactly like one she bought the first time around, many years ago. First, what is "vintage"? Friedman suggests the descriptor clicks in at around twenty years, and not—as some Poshmark sellers seem to think—last year or last season. "Vintage" is not a synonym for "used" or "retro".  She also reminds us of one of the definitions in the Cambridge Dictionary, "Of superior quality and lasting value, or showing the best or most typical characteristics...". But the dictionary is not concerned how you look in an '80s blazer with shoulders wider than a cupboard door. She advises us to "assess (an item) by its quality and how it fits into your wardrobe"

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