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Jewellery renos: Gorgeous greens times three

In today's window, three reno projects, in fresh greens.

Peridots: One more stone to make Laura's earrings

Reader Laura J. restyled of a pair of small studs, and a larger peridot from a ring that was a gift from her husband, but that she didn't wear often, because it sat high on her hand.

Laura knew to whom to take her peridots: FireWorks Gallery of Halifax, N.S. She is a longtime customer, because of their well-made pieces and the house style, which they describe as "conservative elegance".

Laura chose the silver setting. The proportions of the stones work beautifully for the design and the jeweller perfectly matched the cut and size of the original large peridot. This is a simple design that has to be executed perfectly because the stones are the whole show.

I'm so glad to have her example, because many women think a reno must be a very modern piece; in fact it can be classic, contemporary, avant-garde, or a specific antique or vintage style.

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