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Chains of love

Women in the Passage are revisiting their jewellery collections, often because of lifestyle changes. Once you've pruned, one item to look for is a precious-metal chain. They are pretty too in horn, acrylic, wood—but if you want a piece to last, choose solid metal.

Today, in the Passage's windows, handmade chains in various metals and lengths. All prices in $US.

Size and scale

Young women look wafty and lovely in fine 1.5-2mm chains, but the look, like ruffled sleeves and ditsy florals, tops out once your kids (or your friends' kids) are borrowing your clothes. If you have a delicate gold chain that is long enough on you now, it can still be worn by adding a pendant.

I especially like two lengths: the 17-to-18 inch that sits just at or below the collarbone, and the 35-inch or longer that can also be worn doubled.

The hand of the maker

Chain fabrication typically starts with either metal wire which is machine or hand-formed into links, or with the casting of links or other ele…

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