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Summer resolutions/Summer closure

The last post before the Passage shutters for its summer break is usually a somewhat serious one; today's concerns a pulling-up of my socks just when it's time to slip into sandals. And it refers to a different kind of footprint: the carbon one. A friend pointed me toward ClimateHero's calculator to assess mine; though mildly pleased with the score, I could improve. The most significant changes will be to eat less meat, waste less food, and buy fewer pieces of clothing. Want to try it? Giki Zero has mini carbon calculators for various categories, such as Holiday Flights, New Clothes, Food Waste and Commuting, and more. But stats are not acts. I needed a goal, so joined an online community, Take the Jump , ("Less Stuff, More Joy") to keep my resolve up. In an organic nutshell, the actions: Reduce meat consumption/eat green I live with an avid carnivore who considers mac and cheese a virtuous sacrifice. When we married, Le Duc did not even know the names of certa

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