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Relaxed fashion: If "I'm not going back", what's the forward?

Rhonda Gherlick's article " Am I Done Suffering for Fashion ?" in the New York Times' Style section, published on April 18, says it all: " ... relaxed fashion tends toward solid colours (no patterns to mix or match), easier sizing, fabrics that work well together and far fewer “levels” to fuss with (casual, professional and dressy all sort of meld together). In other words, relaxed fashion offers low-stress “uniform” dressing for women." This pivot requires fewer items (I once had heels dedicated to a single outfit), and costs far less to maintain. Gerlick quotes  Christine de Lassus, age 58, "who says that she adopted long ago 'sportswear/streetwear/oversized/minimalist/comfortable' fashion that seems to be the new norm." Relaxed work wear—even in actual offices— embraces elastic-waist trousers, wire-free bras and a rejection of tighter cuts such as pencil skirts and fitted blazers. According to another article ,  "the ratio of elasti

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