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Buy and Hold: Slippers and almost-shoes

There are but two headlines in fashion now: the fight for retail brick and mortar survival (including the precarity of brands that fill those shops) and the sister issue of how what we wear in 2020 changed faster than you can flip a pancake.
A local boutique that I pass often had, until April, windows full of sexy stiletto-heeled boots, which I would admire as if they were Amazonian parrots: spectacular but not quite of this world. In the real world, I still wear jewellery, but proper shoes—you know, those things with some kind of heel—seem to have vanished.From now on, is it house slippers all the way down? If so, I want the solidly snuggly kind,Serious slippers, Canadian winter varietyIf you voted yes, you'll be looking for house slippers that do not make you look like swiped them from the nail salon—something substantial and snuggly.  I have a few biases: no clogs or backless styles (too cold), and at least spot-cleanable if not washable. Top left: A no-pile slipper is an altern…

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