UdeMan Part Two: Keef

Dear Ms. Hanson,
I have long admired you, and (at least as represented in interviews), you seem to be a forthright and level-headed woman.

I am wondering if you would do me a favour: please reply and tell me what it's like to brush your teeth next to Keith Richards.

I've always loved Keith,
quintessential rakish bad boy and guitar god, maybe before Patti did. Always wanted to be able to say, "Mom, Dad... meet Keith."

If you're not sure you'd like him, watch the Gram Parsons doc, "Grievous Angel". Keef the person, the friend, speaks with warmth, pain, reverence. Not just a pretty face.

his photo from the Louis Vuitton campaign captures the essence of louche luxe, the elder rock panther in his natural habitat.

I don't have a thing for Vuitton, though. Most women who carry LV in my city are either sloppily dressed (low-rise jeans, scuffed heels) or In Style magazine clones.

Photo: Annie Liebovitz


Anjela's Day said…
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Anjela's Day said…
Anjela said...
I could definitely allow him to love me long term. On my terms of course. Now his eyes are dimming he probably wouldn't notice the little flaws.Hmmmmm And if I could borrow his clothes....a plus and if I could borrow his luggage, in case I needed to get away once in a while, a plus and I would love him too with a passion...who could not love that face and count those lines etched so deeply. He would be so understanding of any foibles as he has lived and experienced them all.
Now I wonder if he likes bag or leaf tea?
I think he'd like tea leaves and long mornings lazing about in bed and finding our way through as many 5 star hotels but also lovin' old inns and villas long forgotten in hidden away places-
The kettle is on my love....

April 25, 2008 6:47 AM

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