Turquoise, gold Part 2: Should I fake it?

So there's my ring lust, exposed in the preceding post.

But browsing the J. Crew web site offered a budget alternative: a
Moroccan-inspired cocktail ring in resin stones and crystal, set in 12k gold-plated brass. The site calls the colour "cabana blue", so it's more saturated than than turquoise. With its coral and pistachio accents, it sings "Summer in the Souk".

The style is also avalable as earrings and a charm bracelet.
For $65, a possibility. Why am I not clicking to order?

1. A lot of costume jewelry is disappointing in person.

burnished patina gives ever more pleasure over time. Gold plate is what it is- you'll never get that depth or richness.

I'd rather have honest silver or bronze than fake gold. As my beloved Aunt Magdalen said, "After 50, your jewelry should be real."

2. The site doesn't say, but I suspect this comes from China or India.

I'm not so dogmatic that I will only Buy Canadian; however, I know many brilliant Canadian and American artisans, and want to support their work. That is not a rationale for buying the Deleuse pearl ring in yesterday's post, which I can wear only in my Capri-dreams.


This was the sister to the Moroccan charm bracelet the sales associate suggested to me at JCREW. I do love these colours and the bracelet was very rich looking in person.
These colours are not my colours--but they are beautiful. Really chic!
Like you, I do prefer the real gold.
WendyB said…
I agree with your aunt. Let me make you silver ring! :-)

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