The #1 2008 hair style

If I could award an annual Most Popular Hairstyle Award for 2008, the inverted bob wins.

Women swarmed to the style; it moves becomingly and flatters most faces. Seeing this particular version everywhere dimmed its allure, but that's what happens when a style captures the salon.

A selection of inverted (or reverse) bobs, below. (Wait! How can 'bob' be reverse, since it's a palindrome? By the way, my favourite palindrome is "Go Hang a Salami, I'm a Lasagna Hog.")

1. Ellen Barkin in a short version. A little stiff-looking; I want to muss it up.

2. Straight, mid-length with requisite texturized long
es. The #1 cut on urban 30-somethings.

3. Overgrown; this lovely needs a visit to her stylist. Upkeep of the R-Bob is more demanding than you'd think.

4. Victoria Beckham: Impeccably bobbed here; has since moved on to brunette pixie.When Posh defects, has the cut jumped the shark?

Will the economy bust the inverted bob? Like the '80s Dorothy Hamill wedge (which I still see occasionally), the R-Bob demands precise cutting to razor-in swingy details. Though the style is jagged and piece-y, you can't ignore it for months or it looks as neglected as my leggy pot of pansies.

With hairdresser's tabs running well into three figures (in my city) I predict a return to less high-maintenance styles, ponytails and DIY colour- or none.


Julianne said…
I have never had a bob, because I wasn't sure how it would look on me. I may try one one day. Wow my hairdresser is a bargain. She doesn't always do it perfectly, but if I told you what I paid for cut, color, and blow dry, you wouldln't believe me.
materfamilias said…
I love mine! In fact, I can't understand why my hairdresser didn't think of it for me long ago -- it's so perfect. And one of my daughters has a very similar cut which looks completely different as she generally styles hers straight. Looks great on both of us. Brilliant!
I have had many bobs and I really like the cut. But it is a lot of work for me. I have wavy/curly/straight hair. So to get it to look like a bob and not a blob takes a whole lot of work. I like versions #2 and 3 the best.
Susan B said…
Here in LA we refer to it as the "Pob" (Posh's Bob). Yes, you see it everywhere, and yes, it's quite the flattering cut.

I'm actually growing out in aspiration of a more layered, softer version. My baby fine hair only does layered these days, but I've been feeling like my short-short pixie has been looking a bit too severe. I have to cut often regardless, as I go from "styled" to "scraggly" in a matter of weeks.
WendyB said…
I think I must have spent about 8 years with this hairdo. Most recently in 2006.
Anonymous said…
Well, I have never understood the attraction of this cut. To me it is hard, over stylised and very unflattering.

I don't think it caught on in France, and it's definitely not seen anywhere in Italy, where women tend to go for a softer look.
My hairdresser says most people are now going two weeks longer between haircuts than a year ago. It's just one more small way to cut the budget.
Anonymous said…
I read that we will see more long hair now, low maintenence. Also, we'll see and spend less on highlights, opting for doable single process color.

Personally, I spend less than ten bucks a month on my coloring because I buy a box at the store and have my neighbor apply the color.

That severe bob was all over the place here as well. My son calls it the "bobble head" cut.

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