Toppers for torrents

Today's day-long thunderstorms whet my appetite for rainwear.

I like trenchcoats but they don't suit me; I get the same effect as with drawstring pants: a beamy, dowdy back view.
If they did, though, I'd spring for this Louise Amstrup short trench from the drool-worthy Rous Iland web site. (Applause for a European shop that will ship internationally.)

I love the bright blue stripes on one arm, the sweeping collar, the eccentric pockets. Finally, an original trench, not at all masculine.

Then I remembered a comment from Mme. Genvieve Dariaux' classic, "A Guide to Elegance", which I discovered in a summer cottage we rented in the '80s.

(Her book has since been reissued; an instructive, tartly-written compendium of Parisienne wisdom.)

She wrote that chic women in the city do not wear rainwear, but simply carry an umbrella.

Et voila! I put on a very lightly padded black nylon blazer than I found on triple markdown at Talbot's for $36, but it looks like Prada, especially since I changed the buttons.

(Very, very rarely does Talbots pull this off and when they do, they deserve pronunciation a la Tar-jay.)

Grabbed a big proper umbrella, and out the door.


Anjela's Day said…
Kathleen, loved this posting- rain and trench coats... reminds me of Saturday afternoons in London- shopping & going to a movie or a scene from the film:'Broken English' girlfriends walking through the rain in Paris-umbellas open, rain lashing against a backdrop of cafes and the trenchcoat idea. Garnet Hill also does a 'reasonable' version.
Duchesse said…
I looked at that Garnet Hill trench, at $128 it's certainly reasonable, but I'd have to add your red wellies for some interest!

The Amstrup coat is 500 pounds as I recall... but it's soooo delicious.
Anjela's Day said…
Count me in for a Amstrup and maybe a Givenchy trenchcoat from Brown Thomas in Dublin(but now I am way over budget)
Duchesse said…
Givenchy! The only way I could consider is if vintage... just picked up a yellow cashmere Escada stroller that way for $75.

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