Journeywoman: If your passion is travel

I recently sat with executives of a life insurance company and heard them lay out the key activities for various life stages. The little slice from 55-65 was labeled "Travel". At some point north of 50, women are freer to travel, and while some well over 65 are planning kayaking expeditions to Patagonia, that 10 year slice is a travel-intensive time.

Evelyn Hannon produces
Journeywoman, an exciting, resource-rich travel newsletter just for women. JW's packed with tips, resources, reports- and it's free.

Journeywoman also posts trips, a great way to find your next adventure: learning about Greek goddesses (and you, as one) on Santorini, staying on a comfortable farm in Thailand (with cooking lessons from your gracious hostess), celebrating the Wesak Full Moon during a private visit to Stonehenge... from the intrepid to the indulgent, JW gives me "travel drool."

Evelyn finds and qualifies great resources. I love the idea of, a matching service for women on their own who don't want to travel alone.

JW's Directory can link you with a woman in a city you're visiting, for mentoring, referrals, or even a meeting, rescuing you from the all-commercial tourist experience.

Currently a faculty member aboard
Semester at Sea, Evelyn is a true bonne vivante who supports you in every adventure, from a modest country weekend a short drive from home to a full-out safari.


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