Turquoise, gold, pearl: An elegant combination

I unapologetically adore pearls, and I think over 50, you
own this gem!

The deal is, scale 'em up! Life begins at 10mm.

That does not mean hocking the house to buy a $60,000 strand of Tahitians.
Mabe pearls, also known as 'blister pearls', are usually generous, and provide great pearl value. Look for regular shape and lively iridesence.

The ring shown, aptly called "Capri" is by Janet Deleuse of Deleuse Jewelers, Tiburon CA, and, at $6,500, hardly a trinket.
I'm enchanted by the interplay of pearl, turquoise and 18k yellow gold. The essence of glamour, a ring a woman of 50+ can carry off.

This piece would lift a simple linen shirt and capris or pop a little black dress into the fabu-sphere.
Janet Deleuse's web site features this and other mouth-watering gems of high quality and impeccable technique.

You might be inspired by this ring and re-set your old pearl necklace with turquoise beads and a deep gold clasp. Or you can fall in looove with this ring, and make it your one and only.

There's much to be said for choosing one exquisite piece instead of a lot of lesser, just okay rings.

Photo: Deleuse Jewelers


Anonymous said…
Again sorry for late posting - I'm really enjoying reading through your blog now that I've discovered it!

I also love pearls and invested in a 10mm strand that wraps around my neck three times. I've had two matching clasps put in so that I have the choice of length and number of strands. Most definitely an absolute necessity for the over 50s, their luminosity lifts the face so beautifully in the way that candlelight does; makes a lady glow like an oil painting!

Look at photos of Isabella Rossellini on getty images - she wears about six ropes of enormous ones and looks spectacular.
Anonymous said…
All this talk of pearls has just reminded me of a lovely life model I used to draw at art college. She was well into her 70s when she modelled for us, was totally relaxed at posing nude for artists but never under any circumstances ever removed her pearls. That's what I call class!
Duchesse said…
There will be more talk of pearls as I would love to see more women wear them, especially 50+.

I say "Life Begins at 10mm!"

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