Giraffes do change their spots

I've just spent a week in southwest Florida, and as always when I travel, played What's the Trend.

This Dooney & Bourke bag showed up everywhere; I spotted it (yes, Duchesse will pun) in five star resorts and back seats of BMW convertibles. Around $400 for this drawstring model.

But equally ubiquitous is the replica vinyl model (below), which I saw at Starbucks, the discount designer mall, and in my hotel dining room.

I had a pinch of one, it was sturdy and supple, way better quality than I expected.

My first thought was: "I would choose the D&B", but when one woman told me she'd picked up hers at a flea market for $30, I felt myself weaken.

It's a fun summer bag, not a classic, so the cheapie might supply just enough giraffe.


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