Crocs change their scales, but still...

My 20 year old twin sons are pretty cool about letting me do my thing, dress-wise. If I ask, "Do I look fat in this"?, Jules teases, "Yes, makes your butt look immense."

They're mostly complimentary, never actively weighing in, except for one item.

Their lone style imperative: "Maman, you can't ever wear Crocs."

Apparently the company's posting losses. Trying to boost sales, they've expanded the product line, so you could now buy a high-heeled model, the Cyprus. Mistake, despite the rockin' ruby colour!

I might wear the Cleo sandal (below) at a cottage, but it's still a Croc and my boys would know.

A mother
has to provide inspiration.



Anonymous said…
I just can't quite bring myself to buying a pair of Crocs. I only allowed my 12 year old daughter a pair after I discovered they were Italian and she brought home a brilliant school report! I think they are just the wrong side of ugly for my liking, at least with my fat ankles! I much prefer Birkenstocks for summer, at least they give you an excuse to have well groomed toenails.

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