Sunday spree at Hudson's Bay

You know the feeling of having your arms full of clothes waiting to get into a change room?

Ahead of me, another woman, dressed in a black crepe suit she was considering, trying to figure out sizes.

My own decision concerned this cheetah print box-pleat cotton skirt that either would make me look like the entire pride, or quirky in a
good way. I put it on... and simply did not know. (I think the lights in department store change rooms leach brain cells.)

"Lady in Black Suit?" I inquired through the wall, "Are you still there?"


"I need an opinion, would you please tell me what you think?" (We Canadians are polite.)

The Lady came right out, in between trying two sizes of pants, and gave a forthright appraisal, including counsel on what to wear with the skirt: dark neutrals; hot pink or turquoise for a 50's look. She advised me to venture the slightly outrageous.

She was trying on a Jones Signature smallish-scale black and white animal print 3/4 topper (I guess that's why we bonded)- smashing with the pants to the new suit. I told her she had to buy it.

I learned that her name is Lana, that she has a friend who urges her to wear vibrant colour, take risks, work her va-va-voom.

The classic advice is to shop alone. But I find someone else's eye (not that of a biased sales person) useful input. I even like it when I don't ask and someone ventures an opinion.

Also took this Nygard linen and rayon coral jacket with embroidered ecru flowers with tiny beaded centres o
n the front, very Palm Beachy- just need the T-bird.

Oh. And a classic white shirt, and a black-and-white linen tablecloth check shirt with a mandarin collar... all 40% off, thank you Hudson's Bay Company!


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