The wise beauty: Renata Molho

The Sartorialist occasionally publishes interviews with style icons; here is one he has discovered, Renata Molho, a Milanese writer.

I never break this fashion rule...
"Not too many beautiful things together: one particular element and the rest must be something cooler, silent and respectful like a frame in a picture."

I skimp when buying ...
"I do not know: I don’t have items, I have different periods: or I become mystic and don’t by anything or I buy everything I meet and I can afford."

See the link for the full interview; she is quirky, assured and intelligent. And her style icon? Jane Birkin.

Photo: The Sartorialist


Anonymous said…
She is, indeed, a very attractive woman with an individual style. Italy has a raft of these sort of intellectual women, for example Lina Wertmuller, Benedetta Barzini. They exude an ease that is admirable and inspiring. I read an article in the UK once about their style, it was called 'intelligent dressing'.
Duchesse said…
I have friends like this, keep waiting for them to be discovered.

The word that comes to me is "sprezzatura"- making whatever one says or does appear to be effortless.
Anonymous said…
Every time The Satorialist features this woman I just want to know more about her and from reading the comments on his site, so does everyone else. She is magnificent, she is a grown-up in every wonderful sense of the word.

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