A marvelous spring cleaning product!

I don't know how the first bottle came into the house, but I bless the sweet-smelling day.

This essence of orange (made from an extract from the peel and seeds) conquers every stubborn, entrenched stain and odor in your home. Because it's made from an extract from the skins and seed of the fruit, the real citrus freshness lifts spirits as well as grime.

One of the products in the line even de-skunks your pet, but our preferred use is on my sons' sheets, which are pretty close to skunk on the funk-o-meter.

Windows, counters, yoga mats, gym gear, candy and gum: go ahead! Put a half ounce in a gallon or a half teaspoon in a spray bottle, and mist away, or add mere drops to your laundry. (The web site gives instructions.)

You can get it in the organic section of a supermarket or order directly from the Orange aPEEL web site (including international orders). And for the francophiles, the site is in French as well as English.

Available in various sizes; 8 oz. of the concentrate is $15 and it'll go a long way.

The most addicting legal substance I have ever run across.


Karin said…
Does it smell of oranges? I used to love the Mr. Clean orange, which is no longer made.
Duchesse said…
Karin: I believe that fact is evident in the first line: It is made of essence of orange.

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