Six unremarkable quirks

Tagged by Deja Pseu, here's my response:

1. So debt-averse that I'll charge something on my Visa, then go straight to a bank machine and pay it. (Use card for air miles).

2. Usually wear black as the bottom of any outfit, and kind of resent wearing anything else. Rut or 'signature'? Depends on who's calling it.

3. Have hardly cooked a full meal except breakfast for 23 years- le Duc is the chef, and his
dishes are divine!

4. Rarely drive; I can, and it's not life-threatening to ride with me, just don't enjoy it and live in city with great transit.
Am the deeply annoying passenger-seat driver.

5. Bugged when people do not observe the conventions of grammar (e.g., "Me and Karen went to the movies.") Even though I know language is ever-changing, when authors do this during an interview, I go wild. (That's you, Agusten Burroughs.)

6. Excited to rise every day knowing I will see a person I have never seen before. A plus is that I live in the most multicultural city on earth.


greying pixie said…
Duchesse, I've really enjoyed contributing to your blog recently. It's a great way to unwind at the end of a busy day.

Whilst walking the dogs yesterday I was marvelling at how modern technology can bring together strangers from all over the world who share common thoughts. It also highlights the strength, support and solidarity that women have for eachother - we are a remarkable phenomenon.

I can relate to your 6 points, except number 3 - you lucky thing! Still, I realized long ago to make a relationship work it's necessary to concentrate on the positive, so I'm happily resigned to running the kitchen!
Duchesse said…
Thank you for your contributions, GP, I too marvel at how we can share our ideas and experiences.

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