The difference between luxury and chic

Le Duc and I have just booked another trip to Paris in the autumn, so I am dreaming of chic.

I'm already longing for the first caw of a raven outside the apartment, the smell of diesel fuel, the familiar and beloved streetscapes, and a crepe au citron.

I will fill my eyes with the picturesque, time-worn, idiosyncratic, charming and correct.

And of course, I will discreetly ogle all manner of chic Parisiennes.

"Luxury is a humourless thing, largely. Chic is all about humour, which means chic is about intelligence.

And there has to be oddness- most luxury is conformist, and chic cannot be.

Chic must be polite, but within that, it can be as weird as it wants."

- Luca Turin, scientist, perfume guru

Photo: Scott Schuman
The Sartorialist


Anonymous said…
Hello duchesse. Just discovered your blog. I would say luxury is about excess which is why one person's luxury is another's vulgarity, whereas chic is teetering on just the right side of restraint, which is what makes it an acquired and admired art.

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