Too much coif, bof!

Don't over-coif.

Muss it, free it. Don't seal the style tighter than a Tupperware bowl, so every hair is frozen in helmetized perfection.

If your 'do takes two appliances, several products and 35 minutes, you're locked in litigation with your hair. Even if you win, y
ou lose: you look untouchable, uptight, and utterly conventional. It's the hair equivalent of too much Botox.

Get a hairdresser who understands what you have, and works with it.

Here's a photo of Paul McCartney's divorce lawyer, Fiona Shackleton, left, arriving in court last March, strenuously styled and sprayed. Heather Mills doused her with a jug of water at the trial's end; see result at right.

How much lovelier and looser she looks post-watering! (She also has that twinkle in her eye, the cat that ate the crazy canary.)

Where is Heather Mills when we need her?


Does this go in the catagory of therapeutic water? I think I am noticing a theme.;-)
I am an over-coiffer. I blow-dry, flat iron and, in occasion, then do velcro rollers. And, I am considering buying a curling iron. But, I have here that laughs at the notion of wash and go.

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