Scoop this: Linen sweater on sale!

Here's a really good buy: the linen sweater from J. Crew, on sale now on their website for $39.99!

I bought it last year in Sandstone and this year in the lively Soft Fuscia, shown.

It's perfect for air-conditioned interiors, and the deep V neck is flattering to everyone.

Only drawback is "dry clean only" but I'm about to try handwashing one, as I do with my linen blouses.


I saw this sweater and wondered about the weight and texture. Thanks for posting your review. Think this sweater is going in my shopping cart. Merci!
Duchesse said…
Belette, sweater is not sheer- you don't see what's under it- thanks to the fine cables. The texture is matte, and "lineny"- a bit like roughspun cotton... but, well, linen.

Since I about faint from the heat in TX, it would probably not be outerwear there this time of year.
Anonymous said…
i can't really take my eyes off the necklace.

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