Six random things

Tagged by Deja Pseu at Une femme d'une certain age, a "must read" blog. Six random things about me:

1. Haven't had a TV in my home for 25 years.
All my reasons reduce to: TV makes you stupid

2. Dated Iggy Pop and (golf pro) Tom Watson in the same summer.
We were very young. Think Tom would remember, Ig not

3. Am an enthusiastic urbanophile.
'Getting away from it all' means a trip to a city over 3 million

4. Occasionally lead workshops in Compassionate Nonviolent Communication
A practical, simple, profound process

5. Turn 60 in July!
Planning "semi-semi retirement", love idea of a bit less work, but not quitting cold

6. Met my DH through a "personals" ad.
A friend put me up to it on a bet; my great good luck


Anonymous said…
i adore (underline 'adore') #1 and #3.
Tom Watson and Iggy Pop---you are a woman of paradox. Love that about you!!!

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