Simple, beautiful clothes from Kiss of the Wolf

Lori Baciagalupa makes dream clothes, simple designs in exquisite fabrics. I met her at a craft show here in Toronto (the only one she attended) and fell under the spell.

She is an award-winning textile designer whose company, Kiss of the Wolf, is based in Norman, Oklahoma, about the most unlikely place I could think of. (My friend Linda, who lives there, agrees.)

I've worn my small collection for about four years; I feel wonderful in them, and they travel like a dream.

I chose two pieces in Lori's ethereal shibori-printed silk, the Little Jacket (left), which is very lightly padded, and the Kimono Top (right). Also chose an Original Bias Skirt and Diamond Neck Top in black krinkle, an unusual silk with stretch.

Kiss will replace a worn sleeve or collar; Lori has clients who wear their jackets a dozen years and send them back for refurbishment.
The company is easy to work with by phone and e-mail; they'll send swatches, suggest options and adapt designs to your measurements.

At $300-$1500 per piece, obviously I fell in love and lept in, damn the expense- but non, je ne regrette rein.

You might also enjoy the clothes made by Asiatica, similar aesthetic at a higher price.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for this info, but I feel like I'm on the outside with my nose pressed up against the glass. From what I can gather on the website Kiss the Wolf do not do mailorder, so here in the UK I can only look and drool! Really lovely clothes.

Asiatica I find a little stiff and over designed. If they didn't have the wonderful Carmen del Orifice modelling for them I think their clothes would look rather heavy.
Duchesse said…
GP, though there is not an online store on the site, you can call them (or send an e-mail) re what you would like.

I have worked with them this way very successfully.
Anonymous said…
Thanks duchesse. I will follow your advice and let you know.

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