On your toes, get set...

...go! Sandal season is here at last.

I will happily choose either of these spring models from Arche, my favourite shoe brand:
1. Dalou in amber (shown above) or a beautiful blue, $290

2. Cuzco (left) in or/platine, $225

You can wash the nubuck styles, a plus for those of us hitting the city streets.

Worth every penny!


I vote for #1. I love orange for spring and summer.
Deja Pseu said…
I love #1 too. Looks like you could traipse all over Paris in it and be stylish AND comfortable.
greying pixie said…
I much prefer the second style - really stylish, gorgeous colour and very interesting heel shape - a real summer passe partout. In fact I'm going to see if I can find them in UK.
Duchesse said…
Belette/Deja- #1 it is!
Greying Pixie- But I waaaant these toooo
greying pixie said…
I've found the second style on a UK website for £65 (sterling) but only in yellow or black - the colour you show is much more useful and flattering. I'll keep looking though.
Duchesse said…
Greying Pixie: You might have luck if you search "Arche Cuzco"- I found them in Platine on a number of US shoe store sites, so I am hoping they are on some European sites too.

Or send an inquiry to Arche c/o their web site (www.arche-shoes.com).
materfamilias said…
That Cuzco is absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to track those down. Wearable ANd fabulous.

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