Printed linen and lamé: J. Crew eschews prep

J. Crew are getting it right, drifting further from Hyannis, closer to Capri, each season.

Lots of touches in the new collection that I've seen at four times the price.

If cut longer, I'd take the Antonia printed linen dress, a popping lick of colour for $165- and I could wash it!

The Zooey silver lame top, $88, channels Edie Sedgewick, perfect for a midnight mojito at the rooftop bar.

I'll spring for a fine merino deep V (bottom). Not for the stickiest weather, but this is Canada so I'll wear it though June, and I like the graceful V.


StyleSpy said…
Oooh, that dress is yummy. And bear in mind, the model is probably 8 feet tall, so if you're of a more average height the length might not be too bad. Might be worth a try...
I am tempted my much of the J Crew summer collection. Happily they sent out a 20% off coupon yesterday. If you aren't getting their emails--sign up so you can get the coupon should you decided to order the cute lame' and linen.
Duchesse said…
Didn't get one, dadgummit- suppose b/c I'm in Canada. 20%- stock up befre you go to Paris?
Susan B said…
I've seen that dress up close and it's fabulous!

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