From nips to tips: Hidden essentials

I've had to search out a couple of discreet wardrobe enhancements. Maybe you need them too?

Sheer t-shirts mean showing more breast features than I want. When I tried one of those foam-cup bras it lept out of my drawer like a demented stuffed animal and felt stiff and unnatural on.

So I've ordered a $6 pack of Fashion Forms Silicone Gel Petals from Bare Necessities, which I can tuck in my bra; I hope they work.

If the petals prove insufficient, Wacoal (one of my favourite bra brands) makes a foam cup that slides in any bra; they are sized, and cost $10 from the same source.

I don't mind showing toe cleavage but found the Jackie O ballerina flats I bought at Nordstrom scarily insufficient in the arch.

These FootSmart leather 3/4 arc
h insoles give blessed, breathable support.


You need to post pictures of your Jackie-O flats.
I have a few Chantal tee-shirt bras that keep everything well hidden when wearing a tee shirt.

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