The coif thing: Part two

It's not that I'm against styling tools; see this photo of Helen Mirren. Her hair looks fantastic: soft, touchable, there's movement to it. I'm guessing styling with curling iron or hot rollers, applied to a great cut. The colour boosts her hair's healthy shine.

And while I'm at it: the most expensive highlights just look like dull stripes unless your hair has some shine.

That's why I'm sticking with her as a great model for how good 62 can look. I chose this photo because, famously, it has not been airbrushed, and shows her lines.

In her role as the Queen, she is coiffed within an inch of her life, a formal armor. Few intend this level of stiffness.

And here's what I see every day, a corporate executive with nary a hair out of place; she looks confident and professional, though not very interesting.

I'm tired of this bland, perfectionistic, disciplined look.

It's not wash and go, just as Mirren's isn't, but what a difference.


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