UdeMan Part Three: Clark Johnson

I'm a fanatic about "The Wire", all five seasons. A rave-within-a rave for a major character in Season Five, Baltimore Sun City Editor Gus Haynes, played by Clark Johnson.

The role was written for him- which helps- but he took that leg up and vaulted through the season. (If you missed it, watch for the DVD release of Season Five.)

I've noticed him since he was an 20-ish actor on Canadian TV. He was the cute little brother of chanteuse Molly and actor Tabby... then the years passed.

Fiftyish looks great on Johnson. Gained some weight, lost some hair, got subtle instead of stud-muffiny. He has gravitas, an unhurried depth- somewhat like William Hurt, but hipper.

I read in the New York Times that his current focus is directing, but I'm eager for another turn
in front of the camera. And since he has a house in Toronto, I'd love to run into him at the movies, or shopping for bok choy in Chinatown.

Photo: Steve Payne for The New York Times


Susan B said…
He's a phenomenal actor, isn't he? And pretty easy on the eyes as well. I used to enjoy his work on "Homicide," another show that rarely received it's critical due.
I have never seen "The Wire". Hmm, think I will add it to my Netflix que.

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