UdeMan: Paul Newman

Few men supply the operational definition of virility like Paul Newman: male beauty without surliness or self-absorption. Newman has held a stage for over forty years, performing drama and comedy with grace and power.

He's also famous for his blue eyes, for creating
Newman's Own dressings (his successful philanthropic venture), auto racing and marrying Joanne Woodward.

Recent photos show Newman, now 83, looking gaunt and ill, but I wanted to celebrate his gifts with photos of this classically handsome man in his prime.

My favourite films of his are The Hustler, Sweet Bird of Youth, Sometimes a Great Notion and the best buddy movie
of all time, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, with Robert Redford.

When the idea came up, I said, 'Are you crazy? Stick my face on the label of salad dressing?'

And then, of course, we got the whole idea of exploitation and how circular it is. Why not, really, go to the fullest length, and the silliest length, in exploiting yourself and turn the proceeds back to the community?"

- Paul Newman


materfamilias said…
Couldn't agree more with this choice, and with your acknowedging his wisdom in marriage. I also very much admire Joanne Woodward as a brilliant actor and have also been impressed with the way both of them avoid the tawdriness often associated with contemporary celebrity.
Anonymous said…
Paul Newman is such a great example of how celebrity SHOULD be used. Oh, he was just gorgeous when he was younger and he allowed himself to age (still gorgeously), I love that.
Anjela's Day said…
What a lovely entry and reflection on the man. If ever you happen into my neck of the woods I will take you to The Dressing Room, a restaurant in Westport CT owned by Paul Newman in partnership with his chef Michel Nischan.
I was living in a beach community a few years back and preparing dinner for the children. Spaghetti with Newman's Sauce,naturally!! when he walked past the window to the dock.
He was taking a boat across to an Island on Long Island Sound that was for sale (so I was told) I was going to run out, jar in hand, when I seemed to recall my husband saying Paul Newman doesn't sign autographs. Fearful of rejection and intrusion on his person. I didn't make my move.
Duchesse said…
Anjela: I love the name of the restaurant and the story. Just letting him be seems a natural fit with his manner.
Anjela's Day said…
Exactly!! and I had never asked for an autograph (not since I was 18 and in college...that's another story)
But, for a Newman second I am looking at the jar. I am looking at the man. It seemed too funny for words to NOT run out.
I am glad I didn't!

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