UdeMan: Ed Harris

What's your favourite Ed Harris role? Richard Brown in The Hours? Cristof in The Truman Show? Dave Moss in Glengarry Glen Ross? CIA Agent Parcher in A Beautiful Mind?

You might not pick a movie because Ed Harris is in it, but the moment he enters a scene, you're glad he's there.

Always compelling, with riveting eyes and an economy that deepens a character, Harris never gets in his own way.

Sometimes called "the thinking woman's sex symbol", Harris is the husband of another actor I admire greatly, Amy Madigan. They appeared together in the 1984 drama "Places in the Heart".


Anonymous said…
J'adore ce comédien , Duchesse, il occupe toujours son personnage d'une façon exceptionelle.

Anonymous said…
Another Ed Harris fan here. He is equally good as a completely evil bad guy or a lovable dad. I have always thought he would be perfect as Detective Lucas Davenport if they ever made a movie of any of John Sandford's Prey books, even though he doesn't look at all like Davenport is described. But he does have the extreme intelligence, the menace, and the humorous twinkle that are all Davenport.
Toby Wollin said…
Yep, that's the thing about Ed Harris. He looks like your high school chemistry teacher...but you know he could be cookin' up something nasty in the back room.

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