Flasks: The tasteful tipple

For those of you who enjoy a little nip (especially on Independence Day), here's a refined way to imbibe (moderately, of course): the Ladies' Flask.

Le Duc gave me an antique pewter model: a few dents, a glowing patina and "Duchesse" engraved in overlarge script, I guess so I can enjoy a shot with my glasses off.

The flasks shown here are from
eFlasks, both are 4 oz. sizes that fit in your handbag or carry-on (for the train or car only; for air I pack empty in my bag and fill when I arrive.)

I like packing a flask for hotel stays. You can enjoy your favourite libation, and reserve the costly mini bar for nuts.

My flask saved my sanity in India, where "ladies" do not walk into a bar even when it's over 100 Farenheit and you would give 40 of the glass bangles you just bought for a Kingfisher.

I think they'd make a saucy gift for a girlfriend with summer travel plans. Top, the Visol curved chrome, $25, with up to 15 characters engraved for $6 more, just enough letters for Cin Cin, Sophia!

Lower: A lavender leatherette number, the Visol Paisley, on sale now for $25. This one suggests "Girls' Weekend in Palm Springs" to me (eFlask has great discounts on multiples), but could also be a thank-you to your Spanish teacher.

Even conservative types like a thrill!

Photos: www.eFlasks.com


Susan B said…
I like packing a flask for hotel stays. You can enjoy your favourite libation, and reserve the costly mini bar for nuts.

Oh, that's smart!
materfamilias said…
I shared my grad student office with a wonderful young Canadian poet who impressed me almost as much with the flask she pulled from her jean pocket as with her smart words -- Among other uses,she'd stretch out her "starving student" budget by surreptitiously topping up purchased drinks from her flask of Irish whiskey. I've meant to pick myself one up since, but I've never got round to it. Perhaps your post means it's really time . . .
Anonymous said…
In my early 20s I knew a British woman who always travelled with a set of two tiny crystal Champagne glasses in a satin padded box. I have been looking for a set for myself ever since but have never found anything suitable.

I like the idea of the elegance of a hip flask. I'm reminded of a past age when ladies always travelled with a hatbox, long umbrella and trunk with drawers.
Anjela's Day said…
Love the posting!
I do (at my store) several of those flasks-not the vintage though (I would def like a vintage one if I were buying one for a gift) but I also put images of the beloved on there and a fun way is to put elephants or engraving in a wavering style font!! One might come to the conclusion one is a touch more inebriated than normal.

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