Jewelry lust: Carnelian-set cuffs

These late-19th century silver cuffs, set with carnelians, are from the Pasarel web site, which sells the work of Billy Shmerling Sender.

They speak of mystery, spices and perhaps a long-ago wedding.

A gift to yourself, or feel free to forward to that special someone who might appreciate some inspiration. Price is $1260 for the pair, which I don't have to tell you is eminently reasonable.


materfamilias said…
Ooh,ooh,ooh! Pater surprised me last night with blue Tiffany box containing a pair of onyx earrings (and it was his birthday!). They're lovely, I was grateful, but oh my goodness, I'm thinking he could do even better with a consultant such as yourself ;-)
Duchesse said…
ma: I'd say he's doing a superb job- look forward to seeing them on you!
Mardel said…
Love the cuffs! You really do find the most marvelous things.

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