Around the world in one skirt

Are you trekking, hiking, fishing, camping or just on the road this summer with limited laundry access?

When my GF Joan and I visited India, we each brought a Macabi skirt, perhaps the most ingenious garment I've owned.

The skirt's longest-possible length (available in 32, 36 or 38-i
nch options) met the requirements for touring cultural sites, and by using durable snaps placed on side seams, the skirt rose to knee-length option for less-conservative locales.

Extra-deep pockets, one with a zipper, secured our valuables far more comfortably than a money belt. This feature alone earned its price.

Visit the Macabi site to see how one skirt converts to a long and knee-length skirt, pants (dhoti style) and shorts.

Joan chose charcoal gray; mine (shown in photo above) was a fern green (since discontinued).

Worn in its longest mode, it's a classic gathered skirt with pockets- not exciting, but acceptable travel wear, and the farther off the beaten path you're going, the more you'll favour function over fashion.

Snapping it shorter g
ives a hipper, vaguely Rick Owens look; Joan wore hers with a tank (when we were at a oceanfront resort), and looked au courant. You can also play around with one side snapped up, one side low, which looks cool too.

They traveled, washed and airdried like a dream, thanks to the light, supple microfiber. Too hot for the 100F-plus temperature/100% humidity of Goa, but fine for Delhi's mid-80's.

Macabis aren't winter wear (though could go through fall with silk or thermal long johns). They're ideal for 12-hour flights, hopping on and off buses, browsing markets or exploring anywhere except the chic corners of world-class cities, where you'd look a bit 'adventure travel' in one.

Terrific service from the site, and an extensive size range. At $80, excellent value, and they even pack into their own pocket.

Some women buy two and that's all they wear!


Anjela said…
It looks like thee most comfortable skirt in the world.

I just went on their site. What a perfect idea as an alternative to something as comfortable but, not acceptable. And for travel when you just want to recline your seat and have your body feel unrestricted by jeans.

I can see it used in a myriad of different locations too. Places where pants may be unacceptable or sacred spots where it would be more respectful to don this skirt. You look stunning in it- On some people it would just look comfy- on you, you manage to make it look elegant.
Great find !
Duchesse said…
Anjela: Was amazed at the attire worn by some tourists at temples or mosques. That's why we bought them.

Not stylish but as you see on their web site, better with a scarf- and a boon if you're dressing out of a pack or one bag.
Fritinancy said…
I am so glad to see they've renamed that skirt. When they introduced it, about 10-12 years ago, they called it the Bonefishing Skirt, which was just boneheaded.
Anjela said…
Bonefishing that legal?
Now, I really want one as I haven't been bone fishing in such a long time!!

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