Magnolia Romana: First great gift

Technically this is the second great gift, but the first, from my friend "sjcyogi" will wait till I take a photo.

Chosen by my son, Jules (above), Magnolia Romana, a heady, intense potion from Eau d'Italie that evokes the scent of the garden of the Villa Borghese in Rome.

I love that he ventured to the perfume boutique, Noor, and chose carefully.

He's had a "nose" since he was tiny- we used to see him smell his food avidly, little nose twitching like it had a life of his own, over his baby food.
He never lost this facility.

He and Etienne, his twin brother, presented their gift early at our family party on the boys' birthday, Wednesday evening. (Our birthdays are three days apart. Bad enough luck sharing with your twin, let alone your mother!)

We booked a table at the SkyYard of The Drake Hotel, a sexy rooftop patio, had rounds of mojitos. Those of us working the next day called it a night early. The one with the day off set out for further celebration and was spotted rolling in at 7 am., ah youth!


materfamilias said…
What a lovely gift! Sounds as if your young men are very thoughtful and are already becoming talented gift-givers (under your instruction, surely). We also celebrate several family birthdays in July, from my daughter's yesterday, and altho' we have no twins, my oldest and youngest share the same day which, as in your family, is only days away from a parent's (Pater's). Happy Birthday to all of you!
Anjela said…
Yes Happy Birthday to all of you. I think your son has the touch of the divine in gift giving. How could he not-having you for his mother:)
Mardel said…
What a lovely and thoughtful gift. And happy birthday to all of you!
Deja Pseu said…
Happy birthday to you and your sons! I have to tell you, in my experience it's rare to find young men who are such thoughtful gift-givers. You've brought them up right, duchesse.

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