Last shawl before fall

As the evening cooled at my recent party, I offered a stack of shawls and noticed how eagerly my guests accepted and enjoyed these light, graceful wraps.

"I brought a jacket, but I want to wear this", R. declared, choosing an apple green and rose jamavar.

I was a shawl short of a full stack. Trolling the Novica site, this tangerine paisley piece from Sandeep Malhorta cast a spell. I could see it in my deep drawer, ready for a chilly friend, or draped over my office chair.

Click and it's begun a trackable FedEx journey from Delhi. For an instant, I dreamed of traveling to that city of spice and light, chaos and colour to retrieve it myself.

Like Deja Pseu, I'm now on a purchase moratorium before our October trip to Paris. Once the shawl arrives, austerity reigns chez D.

Thanks to sumptuous b'day gifts from friends and le Duc (photos to come), I'm surrounded by treasures and will spend many months savouring these delights.

There's nothing I need, yet the shoe sale siren beckons, "They'll cost so much more next spring!"

My friend S. controls her urge for attachment by soliciting donations of unwanted quality clothes from friends, re-selling them to other acquaintances, and donating the cash to one of her causes. I so appreciate this approach.


Anonymous said…
But Duchesse, really aren't shawls a necessity and not a want? I mean look how useful they were to all your friends...
materfamilias said…
I love these shawls, and that's quite a tempting webiste, Novica. I currently have a silk-cashmere zebra-print charcoal-on-soft-white scarf/shawl on hold -- while trying it on, I was amused to hear another shopper sniff at the price and say she should have picked up more at 3 for $5 while she was in Ecuador. The shop owner started trying to explain about different grades of cashmere, the fine spinning, the pattern, etc., then just shrugged and smiled. And I thought, if they were really this quality, I hope you didn't just have your carry-on like some travellers I know ;-)
Duchesse said…
ma: Your zebra sounds terrific.

My friend who's an antique dealer would say, when people would tell him "I can get it $x in (exotic location)", "Well, by all means you should go there and buy it!"

Cybill: Support, just what I like!
Anonymous said…
Lovely shawl. I find it hard to fathom that you did not own it already.
Deja Pseu said…
Oh, that shawl is tempting, isn't it? That whole website it tempting, and I love that you're purchasing more or less directly from the artisans.

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