There will be gifts, part three

Examples of memorable gifts, with which I'll end this series, except for telling all after my birthday.

Each celebrates the recipient, each was received with delight.

For: A man who loves fragrance

A bag filled with samples from a perfume boutique, a copy of Chandler Burr's book, "The Perfect Scent" and a card inviting him on a 'fragrance tour' at the boutique, culminating in his choice of two scents.

For: A GF who loves ceramicist Marc Egan's work
Every Christmas and birthday, one handmade dinner plate from him, until she had 10 plates.

For: Marcelle's 80th b
Tahitian pearl studs for a woman never given jewelery by an ex-husband, and too careful to buy them for herself.

For: A 20th wedding anniversary, from DH to DW
An envelope stuffed with air tickets to Paris and Euros.

For: An avid gardener

A set of Lee Valley ergonomic digging tools and a gardening apron with her monogram on the lower edge.

For: My party-throwing GF Ruth
Her very own portable dance floor.

For: A GF who does too much
Gift certificates to Body Blitz, the therapeutic water spa, given in pairs so she can take a friend.

For: Kathryn, a GF who misses dancing
Ten Flamenco lessons, ole!

For: A GF with both bunions and a daring fashion sense
A group gift
from her GFs: Bespoke shoes from Colin Campbell. (Yes, those are blue mink ankle straps.)

For: A GF over
whelmed by family illness
A cut and highlights with a renowned and calm hairstylist.

For: My GF who hosts our monthly womens' poker game, on her 40th:
A set of professional poker chips shipped straight from Vegas.

For: A mother
Any gift made by her child (macaroni necklace, handprint t-shirt, egg-carton jewel case or what Robert Fulghum calls a "Gummy Lump"), presented with intense pride. Priceless.


materfamilias said…
What a great list! I especially love the second item, which promises a future together along with the ten dinner plates.
Anonymous said… beat me to it. I love this list and it has the essential characteristic of all great gifts: The gift-er cared enough about the gift-ee to give something that the gift-er knew would surprise, delight, and would warm the cockles(or mussels, or clams, or quahogs or whatever) of the gift-ee. My fav on the list: The personal dance floor. Now THAT is a gift that definitely keeps on giving(and provides infinite numbers of excuses for inviting people over).
Anonymous said…
When you get the gift just right (as these ones are) I find it just as much fun to give the gift as receive it. Duchesse, you have an insane talent for the gift giving - put ME on your list!!
Duchesse said…
Cybill: It IS more fun to give than receive. Guess that is what is at the heart of so much lacklustre giving: people think of it as an obligation rather than an opportunity to celebrate the person. Though it sometimes IS an obligation- try attending a wedding without giving a gift. The secret is to approach it as "I get to do this", not "I have to come up with something".

Toby: The personal dance floor: given by the ex-BF of the SAME woman who got the coffeemaker from the current BF! She remarked awhile ago that "there was nothing wrong with the ex-BF" and she should have kept him, as he so wished.

ma: I was the giver of the plates, to my girlfriend of over 30 years. I'm better at gifts than many of my GFs partners!
materfamilias said…
Wonderful! You and your GFs sound as if you really know what matters and have elevated gift-giving into an expression of that.

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