Retro summer charm: Bamboo

Sometimes I can get a real retro jewelery buzz going. Maybe it's the Pink Martini I'm listening to as I post in a peaceful, cool house, while my family's away.

Schlumberger, Seaman Schepps, old Tiffany: I grew up with my mother's friends wearing their matching earring-and-necklace sets. Of course, I became a rebellious beads-and-patchouli-hippie and now I'd kill for just one piece.

I've always loved a bamboo motif, and I had no idea the Pussycat Dolls, Hilary Duff and hip-hop babes were into this look. Never mind. I don't want the dooknockers, just 2 inch or so hoops: the original 70's CZ Guest look.

High end:
Dominique Cohen, an LA based designer who also makes piled-on chains and studded ankhs that scream Star.

Price for her delicate, classic 18k hoops, far left, $1500, from Neiman Marcus' web site.

The venerable Kenneth Jay Lane has made a career of copying this Socialite look so well that actual socialites buy his stuff. At a modest $62 (near left), you'll have money left for a nice restorative Grasshopper.

Bamboo also translates
into bangles well.

I was charmed by this set of three enamel bangles on eBay, now at $15 (but a day left). Go ahead and bid, search "3pc trio- Bamboo Enamel".

Worn with a white shirt, they're a timeless summer twist on a beloved theme.


materfamilias said…
My mom has a great pair of gold bamboo-imitating hoops (earrings), and she also occasionally returns a compliment by saying, "Oh, would you like this (these)?" Last month, I scored a pair of gold hoops encircling a dangling pearl -- maybe it's time to pay another visit . . .(kidding, really, I've learned to be judicious with the compliments for mom, and I usually -- well, often, anyway -- just say no)
Anjela said…
I love the bangles. I love Bamboo. I adore your finds.
Come work for me as my buyer of all things beautiful:)
You have such an eye for the best of everything!
Anonymous said…
Duchesse, you should be opening a shop (and keep me away from it as I'll want to buy everything).
Deja Pseu said…
I'm wearing my grandmother's gold bamboo ring. I don't know where she got it; I'm frequently asked by jewelry counter folks if it's Tiffany. Knowing my grandmother I doubt it. I've been eying some bamboo hoops. If I can just find some that don't have a post fastening...

Those bangles are gorgeous!
Duchesse said…
Pseu: Lucky you! Tiffany did a bamboo ring and bangle but it's old stock now.
Cybill and Anjela: My dream is a tiny shop, just a counter, where I would preside with my shop cat. Macaroons and tea for all. But that's a dream b/c (Anjela), I know how much work is really involved.

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