Hairdresser of dreams, where art thou?

Hair is deep with women. I face an appointment with a new hairdresser with more trepidation than a mammogram.

Could I slide this letter under the door, before my first appointment?

Dear Hairdresser:

I'm coming in today, and would be delighted to have three parts of you working on my behalf.

First, your extraordinary eye. Your eye will see me: my proportions, preferences, aesthetic- and then choose an
effortlessly chic style. I will look current but not weird, and can replicate this at home.

Just yesterday, I read a hairdresser's comment that, "I have to get you, and I only have 15 seconds." Why fifteen? Take your time.

Next, your skilled hands: the cut will deliver the vision. I've had hairdressers describe exactly what needs to be done, but not deliver.

(My hair is ringlet-curly; badly cut, I look like Harpo Marx.)

Finally, your heart: kindness, or at least tact.

(Found a style in a magazine. My former hairdresser agreed it was great, and asked for a bit more hair to work with: "Next time, I'll give you this style; leave the magazine with me." When I returned 6 weeks later, he said, "Oh! I just had the most gorgeous young girl in here, and guess which style she picked! Yours! She looked incredible!" Now, I don't need to be the only woman in the world with this style, but his remark took the charm off it.)

In return, I'll be on time, grateful, supportive, loyal, and happily pay and tip.


In about four hours I return to a former hairdresser. B., who has all three qualities but was inconsistent on the "hands" side. I'm returning because when I approached a woman at my health club who had a terrific cut (and curly hair like me) and asked her who did it, it was B.! We'll see.


materfamilias said…
Good luck, from another head of ringlets.
Anonymous said…
Sending ringlet-y thoughts to you from another curly-head(my daughter is a hairdresser and recommends the products from Devacurl - they work for me and I have horrid curly AND coarse hair).
Duchesse said…
Update: The prodigal has returned, great cut! My products of choice are Phytologie.
Anjela's Day said…
I am sure you look beautiful. Always great when it turns out ...just right!!
Susan B said…
duchesse - glad to hear it was a success! I love your letter idea.
Anonymous said…
I am so happy to hear the hair is a success - Good hair = good life.
Duchesse said…
It's a 'considered success'- it's a good cut but it's not the sublime cuts I have had from him.

Also I think as I am fidgeting about being older, am too involved with the hair thing. It must be so hard when people come to you and don't want to admit their faces are changing, their hair is changing- and they want you to make them look fabulous!
Duchesse said…
Now three days in, I am not as happy. It's not bad but not great. And he gave le Duc a really inept, choppy cut, too.
About 7 weeks from now I'll be lookin' for love again.
girlcook said…
My mum passed on the email you sent her.
Thanks for your offer of being a contact in this HUGE new city!
Lets grab a coffee and share hair secrets.

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