Summer sales and self control

Is it me or are there more sales this early-summer? Every shop, every web site is offering 25, 40, 50% off.

I remember my Aunt Alfhild, famous for malapropisms, saying "I can't go to sidewalk sales, I'm such a repulsive buyer."

I'm a repulsive buyer too. I apply the evil false economy known as Princess Dollars: "Let's see- I saved $70 on that outfit, and $40 on the shoes, so that's $110 I can spend on something else!"

The only method that really works (besides not entering the shop) is
writing down a list of recent (current and last season) purchases and staring hard at it.

If I do end up in a dressing room, I ask myself Six Questions:
  1. Would I want this at full price?
  2. Do I have anything similar? If so, is it on its last legs?
  3. Do I have at least three things to wear with it?
  4. Will I wear it within six months, at my present weight?
  5. Can I pay for it now, or at latest, when I get the bill?
  6. What item am I willing to get rid of to make room for this? (I do not want the massive closet creep-up ever again.)
Do you have other self-control questions?

I will appreciate having them before Friday, when a sale begins at my favourite local designer's studio.


Would I wear it in Paris? That is the question that stops me from spending a lot of money.

And, do I love-love-love it?This is my big question that I ask about everything. If I love it 3x's then it is coming home with me.
Susan B said…
Ah, La Belette beat me to it. The "wear it in Paris" is my final arbiter as well.
Duchesse said…
Belette: Appreciate your rule and apply it. Sometimes though the answer is no and I still need it for work.

I am unreliable as far as love goes... just wore blouse I loved in the store and now am not even in like.
Anonymous said…
"Princess dollars" is now installed in my vocabulary. Merci!
materfamilias said…
I'll be no help to you at all. I don't do well at sales and I've been experiencing some closet creep. One thing I absolutely adhere to, though, is that I will not listen to any "talking me into" liking an item, not even from myself. If there's anything holding me back from LBR's triple declaration of love, there's no way.
Anonymous said…
If its your FAVOURITE designers studio then I think you can be as repulsive as you like. A good designer is hard to find. Please report back on what you get and your level of self control.

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