Udeman: Stevie Winwood

We saw Stevie Winwood last evening, opening for Tom Petty, a sublime show.

I had to explain who Winwood was to my 20 year old twin sons, which involved playing lots of Spencer Davis, Blind Faith and Traffic.

What a build-up- I was afraid he'd be a relic, and my friend Gaye, who'd visited him in England with a friend, said he was quite the proper country gentlemen

And Stevie tore it up; my boys were transfixed. His voice was as keening and supple as ever; his guitar and keyboard work complex, layered, heart-stopping.

Bring me a Higher Love.


Susan B said…
Glad to hear he did not disappoint. I was a big Traffic and Winwood fan back in the day. I still listen to my Traffic (now CD's) pretty regularly.
is it the same man ?

if so, young men from the 70's ar for me more sexy than nowodays young men

in the 70's people were more chic, glamour... think Charlie's angels for example

my english is not fluent enough to explain my point of view unfortunately

i wish you a very nice evening

street style romancer in Paris
Duchesse said…
Same man, in photo below 20-something, above, 59. For me a sexy man now and then.
Kelly said…
I love Stevie Winwood's voice..."Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" was one of my favorite albums ever, and I liked Blind Faith too (Presence of the Lord was a lovely song)...my husband has most of his early music on CDS...I saw Tom Petty the first time he played in Seattle, approximately 1978, I think, and got his autograph..they just had released their first album with "American Girl" on it...
Glad you got to enjoy them!

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