Guayabera for your Mambo King

Since today is Father's Day...

Next to a uniform, I love a man in a guayabera. The ease, the suave Latin vibe, the promise of mojitos and mambos- irresistible.

I once saw a big man, light on his feet, salsa dancing in his ivory guayabera, and I guess the charm is still upon me.

Now that so many men are leaving their shirts untucked, why not wear one
meant to be worn that way? Guayaberas flatter both the slim and stout, and are blissful in hot weather.

This cocoa 100% linen style is the essence of summer, and so much more comfortable than a cotton knit. I'd love to see it on my husband, so nobody spill the beans!

I'll order from
Penner's, who offer guayaberas galore (and linen pants to wear with them). This one is about $80, and also comes in long sleeves.

The 100% pima cotton black and multicolor embroidered "Mucho Colores" appeals to me too- a 1930's look and $78 price tag.

"Oye como va, mi ritmo..."


materfamilias said…
Oooh, I see sexy dancing in your near future. And I'm leaving the keyboard to go search out some Latin rhythm for the CD player.

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