New pearl earrings

His Holiness' book, just above my computer was the place I hung a new pearl earring (one of the pair) for a quick photo.

Its luminescence and organic irregular pear shape seemed a fitting adornment.

The body colour is a rose-tinged champagne, with hues of pistachio in the orient. This is why I love pearls, and admire jewelers who avoid the dead white balls that most stores sell.

No other gem has been so degraded by pollution and disease, yet you can still find well-priced, captivating pearls, especially if you don't mind the tiny blemishes that show your oyster burped years ago.

We can make endless copies of man-made perfect beads, yet nature's sincere imperfection is so much more evocative and satisfying.

"The more you remain open and sincere, then ultimately more benefits will come to you. If you forget or do not bother about others, then eventually you will lose your own benefits."
- The Dalai Lama's Book of Wisdom


Anonymous said…
You lucky thing, did you get them for anything special?
Duchesse said…
No occasion- went to my jewelers with pedestrian repair and she'd just made these. They stood out- only pearls like this she had.

Emptied out my closet... but will never overcome pearl lust. Taking professional pearl grading course this month to learn more.
The Dalai Lama looks like he is really enjoying the earring. They look great on him.

And, I love the pearls of wisdom you shared with us. Imperfection is so much more interesting than imperfection.
materfamilias said…
Lovely, lovely post. I rarely wear my pearl necklaces and have been resolving to work them into my life a bit more. I, too, love them for their organic irregularity which signals life, for me at least.
Hmmm, Cybill's counselled a trailing scarf for today and you're rocking the pearls -- wonder if I could get those two together somehow . . .
Duchesse said…
materfamilias: It's so good for your pearls to wear them... I'm a huge fan of restyling- see Zara Scoville's site, www.priceless for what's possible.

If you'd rather not remodel, consider layering with chains, lockets, odd bits.

Belette: Imperfection is of this world.
materfamilias said…
Thanks for the advice, Duchesse. It's mostly the length I find difficult, and I've been toying with the idea of finding a beautiful ribbon, about 3/8", perhaps organdy-like, perhaps metallic, to tie into or weave around or something -- perhaps you've given me that incentive to get going on this.
Duchesse said…
materfamilias: I hope you'll post a photo of whatever you do. Sounds like your pearls are too short. I have also taken a short strands, removed some and had chain added between the remaining pearls.

I could go on all day about pearls :)

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