I miss this skirt

The 90s, so over.

I mean the decade; the 90F temperatures are just beginning and I am in mourning for my silk broomstick skirts.

So flattering, colourful, comfortable, floaty. A natural fiber that breathes. Perfect for travel.

And if short enough (I cut mine to just below the knee), not toooo dowdy? (You'd tell me, wouldn't you?)

Dadgummit, I wish they were still in style. I have two in espresso, one in olivey-bronze... and with a linen tank, turquoise beads, and gold metallic sandals, I feel graceful and a bit boho. They flow, flutter, and then knot up nicely in a drawer to get all krinkly again, while you sleep.

Maybe, like leggings or pashminas, women will refuse to give them up. If so, WinterSilks (a great source) might bring them back. There are still a few to be had in the Clearance section of their site.

In the meantime, I sneak them on, ignoring my Inner Snob who says, "Oh, I remember those...aren't they a bit passé?"

Inner Snob can just go soak her head; as the temperature soars my vigilance drops. Now, where are my Kork-Ease sandals?


Susan B said…
Duchesse - I say if you make something your own, it never goes out of style.

Personally, I loved these in a longer length with a longer top, though the two or three I had were synthetic and not silk.

BTW, several of the younger women on my staff frequently wear a tiered, cotton version of the broomstick skirt in a longer length (grazing the ankles).
NancyDaQ said…
I think these are classics for summer. Go for it!
Mardel said…
If you feel graceful and cool and pulled together, go for it. I think they should be classics.
Anonymous said…
Move to rural Wisconsin. Style is dated? No problem. I plan to wear one to the theater (local, but professional) tonight.
materfamilias said…
I bought a black silk one two years ago and I have to declare it timeless (even if Vogue isn't jotting down my words). Mine has a blissfully light two layers, and I wore it with a long loose top for comfortable and casual days in Portugal's heat earlier this month (we've had no heat here on the West Coast at all!). Long (maxi) floral sundresses were in all the shop windows in Paris, so they've come 'round again. Maybe the broomstick (or at least long, flowy) skirt's coming 'round again as well. And anyway, aren't we leading, rather than following, the crowd? I agree with Pseu -- we'll just make it our own!
Anonymous said…
I have two balloon shaped dresses and a long skirt made of this fabric, stored twisted up in a small bag - all are by Privatsachen, a German label. They have a website. I love the fabric for summer, it's dressy but not too formal.

Issey Miyake Pleats Please is also good for storage and travel but tend to look a bit more formal - I have loads of that too.

Infact my life would not be the same without practical pleats!
Duchesse said…
To all: Broomstick/crinkle/Pleats Please united in wrinkly solidarity!

Thanks for the vote of confidence, I'm feeling so much better.

If they are classics, why can't we find them? I'll write WinterSilks and ask them.
NancyDaQ said…
Thanks (I think) for posting the WinterSilks link. I'm tempted!

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