Michelle Obama's crisp American style

Today's New York Times "Sunday Styles" section has an article on Michelle Obama's style titled "She Dresses to Win".

I loved the classic rich purple sheath in the top photo, stunning against her skin. The dress was made by former Geoffrey Beene assistant Maria Pinto (channeling the ma
ster), and cost $900 (US dollars).

The pink/grey combination (below) includes an Alaia belt.

Because she favours oversized pearls, the article
compares her to Barbara Bush, though clearly Michelle Obama's model is Jackie Kennedy.

She will hold the world's eye through the campaign with the same assured elegance. She has great posture and moves with energy. There's none of the stiffness or jacket-patting fidget that plagues Laura Bush's appearances.

Barbara Bush was 64 by the time she entered the White House, entrenched in her conservative Texan grande d
ame look. Unfortunately (as she often joked), the presidency aged her far faster than her husband. Her pearls were a ploy to disguise her neck.

But in her youth, Barbara Bush was a bombshell.


Anonymous said…
I bet all the first ladies curse Jackie Kennedy and how high she set the bar. Poor things will always be compared and either told they are imitating or "wanting". Ms Obama looks amazing, she knows how to work her silhouette. Now I'm fancying some large pearls.
Duchesse said…
Zara Scoville of Priceless Imperfection (www.pricelessimperfection.com) is my favourite pearl jewelery designer.

She is based in Los Angeles but is easy to work with via phone and e-mail and will send photos of her recent work.
I too favor oversized pearls!! I have a great Carolee necklace that I wear at every opportunity.

And, Ms. Obama is a breath of fresh air after the stodgy style of Laura.
Anonymous said…
I also think she is very attractive. In fact they make a very attractive couple. But a propos of pearls, whilst I fully agree with your mantra, duchesse, that 'life begins at 10mm', I'm not overly attracted to enormous pearls. In the UK they are considered to be a little too flashy and I also see them as rather starchy. I much prefer a long string wrapped nonchalantly round the neck a few times like a casual scarf finding its natural position. Also with the low V neck a longer string would be more flattering.

And I don't remember Jackie Kennedy wearing very big pearls, just rather unassuming medium size. And if I remember rightly it was discovered after her death that the famous three string set was false. That should be encouraging for our bank accounts!
Duchesse said…
GP: Yes, when pearls are huge they lose their drapiness.

I have experienced Pearl Shrink.

My 10mm rounds were lavishly large when I bought then, but then 12mm freshwaters became (occasionally available....mmmmm. Then a gift of 16 mm pear drop earrings.

Also, if you wear huge Tahatians spaced on chain (a sumptuous version of the Tin Cup) you can have it both ways, size and drape.
Anonymous said…
I am trying to ponder Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain. Neither one, thank you!
I find that clothes may make the person but Michelle Obama seems to totally lack any trace of elegance-no finesse whatsoever This may seem like a criticism- It is not.

I don't know her. Yes, her clothes are lovely but, perhaps she should not try(and I don't even know if she does)
to emulate Jackie O, I think the reason it worked on Jackie was that it wasn't contrived. I see Michelle Obama better suited to a more athletic wardrobe- I think she would look fabulous in great trainers and yoga style clothes- Perhaps casual though not casual chic-
Maybe I am relegating her to a place where she would rather not be.
I just can't see her in a gown or a suit or a drees- sheath or not. She has a more 'masculine' look and it can't be played up or down. Her look now is not her- Both of them seem like Kennedy shadows- His mannerisms and hers are more like a projection of a PR company than a natural wardrobe- self imposed. She should try to be herself.
s. said…
I think Laura Bush was lovely, too. But she is an introvert, a former librarian who was uncomfortable in the media glare and did not crave attention. Her mother-in-law is a class act, who had no desire to be a fashion plate, so why do we judge against a woman like Jackie who worked so tirelessly to be one?

Michelle Obama has her own style; she is an extrovert, sports brash colours that demand the spotlight and dresses for the fact that she and her husband are celebrities first and foremost.
Anonymous said…
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