Shopping for x but buying y

Happens all the time: almost never buy the item I'm shopping for.

At lunchtime yesterday, running errands, I stopped by a resale store in the chi-chi boutique neighbourhood.

Rarely buy there, the clothes are usually too formal and fussy. But I'm invited to a wedding in mid-September so am on the hunt- why not look?

I found a teal cotton skirt (left), lined, good weight, fitted to the hip with a riot of ruffle at the knee, miraculously the right length.

An Oska (one of the lines Greying Pixie likes) palest grey asymmetrical long linen wrap fit too.

I'm trying to wear something other than black, at least some days. No trace of wear on the skirts. No alterations necessary.

So: two new everyday skirts and zip for the wedding.


Great colour and skirt. But, I have to say that what I like even more is your turn of a phrase; I love a "riot of ruffle."
Anonymous said…
No, I don't see the problem here i'm afraid. Shopping is just one long line of distractions and to have only bought 2 lovely skirts, well, thats damn good!
When you are ready the outfit will come - or you could borrow one from a friend.
Anonymous said…
I'm so pleased you've found Oska and like it. I love the quality of linen - good and heavy with lots of movement.

I know what you mean about black. I'm always trying to get away from it, especially in summer, but just can't seem to for long. In fashion academia where I work EVERYONE wears black and most of it looks so dreary. I guess this is where your pearls come into play!

I have a list of a few essential clothes I need to add to my wardrobe. I've been carrying it in my handbag for at least a year, but it never gets any shorter and yet I've bought at least 5 new items this year. I wouldn't say I'm an impulse buyer, I usually take a walk around the block between trying on and parting with money, but I do often see things I like and if I'm feeling flush I'll treat myself. So the Burberry raincoat fund decreases yet again.

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