Summer legs: veins vanish with new treatment

Do you have varicose veins?

I do, and often work on m
y feet, so wore medical-weight support hose for years. The black ones were OK- I wear black tights in fall/winter and you can't tell the difference.

But the 'flesh' toned ones were dreadful; if you want to be instantly morose, just tug them on.
If I tried to go without, my legs would throb so painfully that I couldn't sleep.

I have friends who had the conventional surgery (vein stripping): pain, laid up for weeks, the bumply veins retu
rned. Then I heard about EVLA (Endovenous Laser Ablation), a technique involving laser treatment delivered through a small catheter inserted in the culprit big vein.

Surgery was only mildly uncomfortable, like a dental tooth-cleaning, thanks to local anesthetic. I walked out of the The Vein Institute of Toronto feeling just fine- still encased in the atrocious support hose, but their days were numbered. (So if you get this done, you might want to wait till fall. You don't want that industrial elastic on in summer.)

My veins improved vastly, a gradual process over 5-6 months. It's like roadwork repair, expanding the new lanes and closing down the old. Cost: $3,000 for initial surgery a
nd one post-surgery 'touch up' for remaining spider veins.

EVLA is surgery. I was informed about possible side effects like bruising; however, I had none.
My legs are not perfect, they're like a person my age without noticeable varicosity.

But I can wear sandals, forgo stockings from spring through summer, and best of all, stand and walk without wincing.


Knock wood I don't have a single vericose vein. But, I am in my early 40's. It is good to know that should they arrive I can get them gone.

Congrats to you Miss Hot Legs!! No wonder you are in the market for skirts. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this. I will definitely do some research on prices and availability in UK.

I've had problems with veins since my second pregnancy and what is more I'm the only woman in the family who has them. My 78 year old mother still has legs like a bluebell - mine have always been like oaktrees, but now with the added feature of veins! I had the traditional operation on one leg 10 years ago but they are now on the other leg tingling away on the front of my shin. I think this counts as a health hazard and am summoning up the courage to visit the doctor. But now your news has given me renewed hope. Thanks again duchesse.
Duchesse said…
In my research on EVLA I found that the procedure is extremely popular in India. Anyone interested in medical tourism could likely find a skilled MD there for a fraction of what I paid.

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