Replacing boring pearls one strand at a time

Thinking of expanding your pearl wardrobe?

Little white akoyas are the 'helmet hair' of the pearl world and here are hair-blowing-back-on-an-Vespa pearls, just for you.

All are currenly listed with an exceptional eBay seller, Care Ehret of DruzyDesign.
Let's start modestly and train up. Note prices are for current auction listing so can go higher with bidding. All strands are temporarily strung, and all are freshwater pearls.

1. A 16-inch strand of keishis, one of my favourite types, because they are all nacre. You will never have dead spots from wear, and the pearl has depth, life and character. Purple, white and cream tones. Current listing price: $10. String them with a simple silver clasp and knock your t-shirt out of the park for less than $50.

2. Sixteen glowing
petal pearls. You might string these on chain, clustered at the bottom. $15 bucks as of today's listing. She is also offering fifty-three of these petals, a lavish strand, $300 at current listing. Great size (about 12.5mm wide and long), not sweet or girly, these petals have presence.

3. If you like a classic round pearl, this strand of 'metallic' (colour) mauve and pink good-sized (8.5-9.5 mm) off rounds is alluring- $46 at current listing. Not perfect, a few tiny blemishes that to me reflect nature and are more appealing than rigorously perfect rounds.

4. Baroque R
ainbow flameballs, mamma mia! Great balls of fire, these flash hot pink, teal, bronze, mauve (all natural colours) and make a party, not a 'statement'. Big honkin' rock star pearls, $900 right now.

Care Ehret is
a reputable, devoted, talented jeweler, the exception on eBay. Respected by the trade, adored by her clients; don't worry about misrepresentation or poor service.

Other pearls on this site top $5,000, but I like these funkier, less 'la-di-da' strands.

Care offers South Seas, Tahitians (see the heart-stopping blues) and rare Sea of Cortez and abalone pearls, too. Her eBay store (Druzy Design Treasures) is an education.


Susan B said…
Ooh, those are cool! They're Punk Pearls!!!

I love pearls in long, long strands. I've been tempted lately by an 88" strand of round fresh water pearls.
Susan B said…
Oh, and LOVE the "helmet hair" analogy!
materfamilias said…
I don't do EBay, but this is the first time I've been seriously tempted -- by the pearl petals, especially. Stunning. They remind me of a gorgeous long necklace I saw in Lisbon at the shop of Ana Salazar, a necklace made of what seemed at least 30 large, very thin, light disks of mother-of-pearl. Keep wondering why I didn't even try it on.
Duchesse said…
materfamilias: That necklace sounds exquisite! You could combine the petals with your idea of a ribbon tie.

Deja Pseu: 88"! Over 7 feet of pearls- many twists, knots etc possible. That's heavy for me to wear but I'd sure love to try!
materfamilias said…
duchesse: I've just tagged you for a meme. Of course, if it doesn't suit your posting plans for now, you can just ignore it, but I thought it was fun and it's really quick (blame Deja Pseu!)
Anonymous said…
All I can say is...WOW..double WOW - those petal pearls are just gobsmacking. No 'little old ladies' accessories, these
Anonymous said…
All these pearls are very pretty, but I'm really not tempted. I have a 50 inch string of 10mms with two clasps and of a beautiful golden pinkish hue and I just love them to bits. I guess it's like meeting the perfect man - once you have him you stop searching!

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