SassyNips: Keeping abreast of a trend

My 'product' (a version of SassyNips by SassyBax) arrived, so I eagerly applied these jellyfish-textured disks and took a test drive.

They're warm and pliant, easy to forget about. Though I can sometimes see their faintest flower outline under my shirt, the effect is "instant airbrush".

I'm discreetly covered, and that's a relief. (One woman told me her boss called her into his office to say, "Your, uh, things are showing.")

The package advises wear for no more than six hours straight, but what am I going to do, whip into the loo at work at 2 pm., peel and stash, then go chestal-commando the rest of the day?

SassyNips performed perfectly with items like thin silk tees. (I know about T-shirt bras but most are too heavily padded or not cut right for me.)

If you don't need a bra (and if you don't, why are you reading this blog?), just whomp Sassynips on your wee breasties.

Durability: The box says they last for 50 wearings; we'll see. The little petals stick powerfully now, and if they lose some adhesive, that's OK because the bra will hold them in place unless I'm thrashing like a moose in a mosh pit.

Care: When you're not using them, they store like contacts in a little case. If you don't use the case, they'd get linty and lose adhesive quality, or they might meld together... and who knows, maybe reproduce.

Price: Bare Necessities' site sells them for $18 (plus postage); I bought my no-name version on eBay for half that.


Jennifer said…
why am i reading your blog you ask? ;)
Anonymous said…
Have I got this right? Do you wear these in your bra to stop your nipples making small bumps on the surface of your shirt or T-shirt? Are nipples a source of embarrassment in your country? Why?

Did the woman's boss mean her nipples or her pads were showing?

Sorry for the questions but I'm utterly flabbergasted. Not only do women have to shave hair from their bodies to avoid the risk of looking like men, but now they are not allowed to look like women either. Yet another area of eroticism wiped from our bodies in the cause of propriety and one more step towards androgeny. Not much chance of thrashing like a moose whilst wearing those I would think, not even with your boss!

Well, whatever you do over there will eventually find its way to the UK, so thanks for the warning!
Duchesse said…
Some women's nipples are larger than others', and more prominent (especially in the cold of winter or high air conditioning).

My remarks are based on my observations as a consultant to the North American corporate world in the conservative sectors of finance, law, science and some retail and hospitality organizations, at the management levels.

In these offices, an often-quoted rule is is "If you can see up it, down it or through it, don't wear it."

Overt eroticism is not valued as the lead presentation of ones' self,especially to clients.

80& of my clients have some kind of dress code. Even the more relaxed codes prohibit low cut tops, belly shirts or very short shorts.

Other sectors (arts, media, entertainment, some retail organizations) are more relaxed about attire and what's acceptable 'lightens up' in some cities.

When I worked for UK financial services firms, women employees were scolded for wearing transparent blouses or skirts showing their suspender belts when they sat down.

Does this world seem like another planet to you?
NancyDaQ said…
I found a similar product at Jo-Ann's (fabric store) for $7.99. Worked pretty well with a thin bra-camisole that I wore last weekend.
Anonymous said…
duchesse, in answer to your question, yes it does. For the past twenty years I have worked in the arts where anything goes, although in the higher management levels there is still an understood way for women to present themselves, albeit in Yohji!

Prior to that I worked for 10 years in the diplomat field and corporate financial sector for an American investment bank in London. So I feel that I have experience of this world. Whilst I can quite understand the issue of see through, too low and too short with regard to the exposure of flesh, I still cannot understand how the bump of a chilly nipple under an opaque top could ever be labelled 'overt eroticism'.

And I also see it as setting a rather dangerous precedent. Perhaps the bump of the whole breast will soon be too shocking for the office culture. If you carry on along this road suddenly the burkha seems like the only safe way to dress.

Would not a better fitting blouse solve the whole problem without having to resort to such extreme measures?
Jennifer said…
i did not have much of an opinion about these patchy things before, but now, following the exchanges here, i'm developing one.
yes, now it does smack of a step away from authenticity towards a direction i am not comfortable with. the effect reminds me of the plastic bust that barbie has. when it is deemed so inappropriate if people are made aware of a woman's nipples, there is a problem. my personal style leans far far toward concealment (partially because i'm not comfortable with the attention that revealing clothing attracts and partially because i like clothing far too much to wear less of it), however that is a personal choice and it is not about rejecting my gender or aspects of my body.
are men worried that they will not be able to control themselves if they are made aware of a woman's nipples? are women threatened that other women will get more attention if their nipples are more pronounced? does anyone assume, if they don't see nipples, then they don't exist? i mean, they're there. what's the big deal?
as someone who does not wear a bra, i do take measures to make myself feel secure (a tank top under something sheer, etc. - actually, tank tops are my undergarment of choice), but the idea that a person who is wearing a bra to begin with, has to take the extra measure of targeting a nipple specifically for extra concealment is not sitting right with me.
initially it seemed harmless enough, but greying pixie has aroused my concerns through her defense of the nipple (a-HA, those pesky things really ARE trouble!).
Duchesse said…
The patchy things are an option when a tank does not fit under one's top, for example I have a few fine silk knit tees.

How much eroticism or anatomical accuracy one is willing to inject into the workplace is up to each person, and sometimes even dictates choice of occupation or workplace.

For me, standing up in a corporate boardroom with evident nipples is not discreet or elegant, a preference likely influenced by my age, the culture where I work and the requests my clients make of their employees re attire.

I doubt any man would be incited to lustful thoughts, let alone action if I didn't wear them; I do it for myself.
Anonymous said…
About 20 years ago there was a very good documentary on UK TV entitled 'The tip of the iceberg'. It concerned the modern day Western isolation of the female breast from the rest of the body and how prevalent this became in the second half of the 20th century. There are many fashion designers who have gone along with this (mainly male) and others who have regarded the body to be clothed in its entirety (mainly female).

To isolate a clothed nipple as a source of embarrassment seems to me to bear parallels with the prudish Victorian practice of covering the piano legs with lace!
Anonymous said…
Ten years ago I would have been with greying pixie, thinking "why?"

But nowadays I'm glad to have the option to conceal what I don't want to show.

As I've gotten older, my nipples have gotten more prominent, to the point that they can make an otherwise modest top look see-through. The entire nipple, not just the point, shows through.

There is show through, and there is SHOW THROUGH.

I'm really glad to have the option to cover what I don't want to show--and what normal undergarments would have easily concealed for me a few years ago.

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