When Is It Too Late to Wear...?

The Mail Online weighs in on pussycat-bow blouses, leather jackets, pirate boots, sequins and more, supported by some gruesome photo evidence, including Cherie Blair in black lace.

I don't think it's black lace, it's the black-over-cream, the cut, and her posture.

But the article's nasty fun.


NancyDaQ said…
Egads, that dress is awful on Cherie Blair, but not because of her age. It's just not a good style on her. Black on black would be an improvement.

Speaking of lace dresses, I'm wearing one to a wedding in a couple of weeks. Fuschia lined with fuschia.

I don't think you can't wear lace after a certain age but you need to be careful not to look too vavoom.
Duchesse said…
Having a Cheriesque figure myself, I find lace has to be handled lightly or looks matronly on an ampler frame. Prada has a bronze lace skirt in its window now, shown with a simple fine cotton black tee. Not a bit matronly and perfect for any age.
Anjela's Day said…
Duchess- She looks lovely and you are right- it is her posture. I think she needs some of that pick-me-Vitameatavegamin.

Writing of lace. I picked up a really beautiful lace skirt in a cream colour from J.Crew about 3 years ago. I wear it all the time. It is straight with a silk lining in the same shade (which helps) with continuity. I wear it with a simple very thin knit cashmere cardigan and flat shoes-
I totally agree, black on black would have been much better.

I have no lace at all in my closet and the Prada lace collection has created a longing in me for something simultaneously lacy and tailored.
Duchesse said…
Anjela: A contrasting lining in lace is a tricky proposition. Your skirt, and Nancy's dress avoid that.

Belette: This strikes me as something one can have made, hmmmm. But then I often think that about Prada and ha! mistaken.
Anonymous said…
Sorry this is late as just back from holiday where I had NO contact with computers - bliss!

Regarding lace - I think the quality of the fabric is really important. The Prada collection is absolutely beautiful because of the luxurious quality of the fabric. Actually it can look a little heavy if used all over. I saw a photo of Tilda Swinton in a Prada lace dress and even on her it looked a little matronly. So what hope does our Cherie have?

I agree with nancy (nanflan), black on black would look much more flattering on Cherie and anyone with curves. But deportment is the real crux of this whole issue. I just want to yell at her 'shoulers back, stomach in and BREATHE!'
Anonymous said…
Even Cherie in black over NUDE would have been an improvement. I LOVE Tilda Swinton in her Prada lace dress and do NOT think she looks matronly! Tilda could never be anything but on the edge.

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