Dark delicious dress discovery

I landed in Noir Heaven yesterday, through a tucked-away courtyard in my city's core.

Le Duc, avid dress enthusiast, and I entered The Little Black Dress Shop though a generic metal door in a windowless wall, and climbed a flight of stairs.

And then, like the gasp-worthy reveal in a decorating show, we found ourselves in a luminous, airy loft, in the company of nothing but exquisite black dresses. I really expected to see a vendeuse with wings sprouting. I think I heard harp music.

Pristine and minimal, lacy, slinky, ruched, embroidered. Sun, cocktail, work-worthy, sexy: each chosen for drama, cut, effect.

I enter most new boutiques chin out, leery of finding much for my tall, hippy, long-waisted frame. And. wow. They had it covered.

Le Duc cruised the displays, smiling at details, while I took an armload into
the dressing room.

"An idea that went terribly right" is how Jay described the two-year-old venture.
Not just anything black makes their cut. Their dresses were chosen to be worn- you can sit in your dre
ss, necklines accommodate your bra.

The Pamel
a (at left) is one of the many dazzlers we saw: a washable jersey, ten ways to wear ($186). Imagine this in your carry on! I picked a similar style for a dinner party last night and drinks this evening.

The Little Black Dress Shop ships to Canada and the US, but better yet, come to Toronto, and we'll go together! New stock comes in weekly.


Anonymous said…
Are you sure it wasn't just an amazing dream?
materfamilias said…
This shop sounds like a Toronto must-see! ;-)
Anjela's Day said…
Amazing! I love the sleeve version- Great find.
s. said…
I live in Toronto! I'm tall! I'm long-waisted! I'm a 14-16! So... when can we go shopping together?!
Duchesse said…
s.: Really?! What part of the city? I live in Leslieville.

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