From blogosphere to boulevard: Shopping day with materfamilias

She has photo evidence (and I think will post) but I must report the delightful day I spent with materfamilias yesterday. She was just like I inferred from her blog: warm, funny, articulate and a savvy shopper.


90-F weather with a very high hum
idity rating, but she did not wilt, charging along in ruby-heeled sandals, in her indigo knit skirt.

One of our favourite stops was the outstanding vintage store, Thril
l of the Find, where materfamilias chose accessories, but also looked tres chic in an Oscar de la Renta blue cotton jacket with navy and white striped trim. The spotlight-lit store was hot as a sauna, but we endured it for the sake of pristine pieces and pinch-yourself prices.

Hot! Quick stop for limeade and a lemon tart at the excellent Bonjour Brioche bakery.

At The Little Black Dress Shop, ma stuck black gold (I'll leave details to her, it's only fair).

We hit a second vintage store, Cabaret, to worship the impeccable details on cocktail dresses and evening coats.

My eye was caught by a vintage turquoise and pink sari-silk scarf, shawl size, at Rumah, a classy Asian import store, only $42. I bought it, a breezy souvenir of the day.

We re
vived at the Skybar of the Drake Hotel, greeted by a blissful breeze, a tall mojito and materfamilias' puella, Megan, who joined us for dinner. Splendid time! I am grateful for this far flung community, and the icing on the cake is real time together!

We spoke of you, with fond appreciation and I hope to meet more of you further down the road. My sole regret is that ma lives so far away; she is wonderful company.


It sounds like a perfect blogger shopping day. Hope to some day shop with you two. I cannot wait to see the goodies you both got!
Anonymous said…
Your day out sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to see the photos on Materfamilas' blog. Patricia
Susan B said…
I'm so envious that you got to spend time together, and so glad to hear that it was a fun and fruitful day.
Anonymous said…
That sounds like so much fun and you also have some excellent shops near you! I laughed and laughed at 'hardy' it would have been disappointing (funny) to find out that materfamilias was a shopping wimp.
materfamilias said…
It was such fun, Duchesse, better than I could have imagined. Despite having such a short time in Toronto, I feel as if I got to see some real insiders' spots, and it was wonderful to meet and spend time with you on the boulevard. And I'm relieved that I passed the hardiness test -- I don't know how you Torontonians manage a whole summer of that humidity!

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